Wexting = Walking and texting (English text)

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Long live the cellphone!

You can take it anywhere right? To work, to the cinema, to church, to the wedding, to the funeral, to anywhere! Even on the street.

And then – people are walking and texting in the same time, writing the very important message to the beloved one that hello, I am walking on Garncarska street to get a kebab. A minute later here comes the photo of the kebab with the spicy souce dripping on the side. Every second is followable for those one whom we are important – wonderful world indeed.

The people with cellphone in the hand and ferociously texting to someone is such a usual picture in the modern cities that soon enough the city infrastructure must adjust to the kebab-consuming citizen who cannot live without notifying his boyfriend/girlfriend what exactly he or she is doing at the very moment.

Ambulances are experiencing a higher volume of ambulant clients who went under the car at the intersection because they didnt see the truck coming. They didn’t hear it either.

Ladies have a higher chance to survive this because the female brain is famous for multitasking – texting, walking and still there is energy to listen to the honk of the truck
– but guys are in the bad books of life. Guys text and walk and this is already exceeding their limits, so here you go – just walk right under the truck. Wexting.

In order to avoid it some cities are already designing the lights on the sidewalk, so while wexting and looking down, the poor unfortunate soul can see the intersection coming up, so – hopefully! – he will stop and wait for the truck to turn instead of walking under it.

Yes, the city can adjust to this very much existing problem but what exatly wexting is doing to us socially – nobody knows it yet. I already experience the downside of it, as a foreigner living in Gdansk. It’s not easy to fit in the city, because people have just enough of friends and family, and they really don’t need to many more – what for?
The small family is 40 people, with the extended family is 140 and once you get married the family doubles, so no thank you, I don’t need an extra person! Hence the unusual grumpy face on the street, and the phone in the hand, and life goes on.
For them.

My friends are people who are a bit marginalized for whatever reason – family, economy, social status or the wodka itself – but still, these are the people I know and respect and say hi to every day. I am happy to adjust my route in the city in order to see such as pizza guys, postmen, Kiosk ladies, bookstore workers, Ukrainian kebab workers, sandwich guys from the corner who all day long yell out that the hamburger is half-priced in the restaurant, because they are the ones who formulate my social life.

And then what do I see? Michal is walking on the other side of the street, wexting – yeah, he has a new girlfriend, honeymoon-stage of the relationship, every kebab photo is outstanding. I am yelling at him- completely crossing the rules of Gdansk, yes, I yell over to the other side fo the street, but Michal cannot hear me. The phone is in his hand and he is texting and texting and texting. Ania is standing by the zebra crossing and texting, of course, she is late for work as per always, she is texting to her manager that she is late for work. Maybe she is thinking what reason to provide this time.

The modern life creates a modern person and we know that, that’s why I am here, to make sure that Polish people are technologizing and westernizing themselves soon enough, and the English is alraedy reacting this new phenomena: walking and texting becomes wexting. And how about Polish? Now that people are maniactly copying everything from the West maybe there should be a new Polish word for this. This new Polish word should be up for the Z- generation to find it, after all, they are the trailblazers of this new life.

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