Oliwa do Ognia – That really can make my day (English text)

Dziennik Miejski A Maximis Ad Minima ® Krzysztof Kisiel.

This is something that really can make my day, no matter what.

The pizzaplace, pizzeria as they call it here, is on a small street. The street is very nice, Garncarska, and since garnek/Garnek is a kitchen pot I guess it has something to do with pottery or at least the potters.

Small restaurant, there is nothing overtly inviting about it, unless you calculate the word of mouth, which I am giving here.

This is the smallest restaurant I have ever seen, it is more of a shoe-string shaped room with a fireplace in the corner. A big fireplace. Very big. With the best pizzas coming out of it!

The idea of the restaurant popped out of two young minds, both finishing universities with liberal arts degrees, and they thought that a pizza place would hit the spot. Quickly got together with five other young ones and formulated a team to produce and sell pizzas.

I think Italians will be jealous. This pizza is way better than any other one that I had tasted on the Italian peninsula, for real. The variety is not reaching the level of the American business – thanks Heaven – but the offered 21 different kinds of pizzas seem to be just enough. The salami pikkante is to die for, as me and my company declared right after the place opening. We keep going back because this is the best lunch one can get for 17-21 PLN. the pizza is thin, but still nutritious, and you don’t feel hungry for at least six hours. My company even went for a half-a-marthon walk after the pizza, and felt just fine.

You can:
  • get a take-away order
  • drink coffee and tea, beer and soft drinks
  • excellent service, and the guys all speak a fairly good English plus! – they are friendly
  • a very clean service, this is the cleanest restaurant possibly in Gdansk
  • get your food fast, the boys are very coordinated
  • enjoy a wonderful pizza.

My only recommendation would be better paper towels in the washroom, and everything else is just perfect.